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The scope of the AURORA Group's operation covers Taiwan, China and several nations around the world. Operating more than 1,500 service locations involving OA, furniture, telecommunication, electronics, 3D printer, office cloud , cross-strait direct sale and indirect channel operations, the AURORA Group aims to become the leading brand of the Office Automation industry in the Chinese-speaking market.


The Aurora Group was established in Taiwan in 1965 with businesses covering OA, furniture and telecommunications. With five subsidiaries consisting Aurora Corporation Office Equipment , Aurora System Corporation, Aurora Office Automation Corporation, Aurora Office Furniture, Aurora Telecom Corporation Aurora 3D Priter and Aurora Cloud (Aurora Corporation and Aurora System Corporation being publicly listed companies), the Aurora Group has secured more than 50% of the OA market after years of effort and cultivation. With regards to telecommunications, the Aurora Group also operates more than 200 retail stores across Taiwan with the ambition of becoming a professional provider of digital convergence services.


In 1995, the Aurora Group began investing into the Mainland Chinese market with operations covering the OA, furniture and electronics industries. Insisting on the service philosophy of customer satisfaction, Aurora Group has enjoyed growing market acceptance and recognition. Aurora Furniture has established its position as the leading brand in office furniture that specializes in product development, design, manufacturing, spatial design, services and marketing system construction and has received numerous honors and awards including China Famous Trademark, Chinese high-tech enterprise certification and various international design awards such as IDEA, IF and so forth. In the OA sector, Aurora stands as the most renowned Chinese brand name for Copiers with independently developed Document Solutions to accommodate customers' office needs.


The Aurora Group's electronic subsidiary is a dedicated manufacturer and exporter of products including paper shredders, laminators, punch clocks, calculators and so forth, to over 50 countries around the world. With more than 40 years of experience in production, distribution and services, the Aurora Group has gradually expanded the scope of its operation to the global scale. In addition to overseas branches in the U.S., Japan and Singapore, the Aurora Group has also established close ties with several renowned agents in other parts of the world including the UK, France, Germany, Italy, the Middle East, Brazil and so forth.


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