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"Giving back to society" is the corporate commitment that the AURORA Group strives to fulfill. 

The AURORA Group has long been involved in the preservation of ancient cultural relics, donation of materials and various educational/charity events on top of offering emergency relief when needed. Everyone at the AURORA Group is committed to fulfilling our social responsibilities as outstanding corporate citizens.

Preservation of Antiquities

In an effort to preserve cultural relics and contribute to the cause of passing on our cultural heritage, the AURORA Group has selflessly returned its collection of ancient cultural relics to their rightful owners over the years so thatthese antiquities could be preserved forever and be appreciated byadmirers. In 1999, the AURORA Group returned Eighteen Arhat's sculptures to Shanxi Province. In 2003, the works of Koji polychrome pottery by MasterYe Wang to Ciji Temple (third grade ancient cultural heritage site). In 2009, the AURORA Group returned three gilt bronze Bodhisattva to Donghe Temple in Taipei and donated a total of 154 Buddhist underground Palace artifacts to Fo Guang Shan Buddha Memorial Center in 2011.

Donation of Materials

Through its "Office Supplies & Furniture Charity Donation Campaign", the AURORA Group made apt use of its expertise to deliver direct ssistance to disadvantaged minorities and social welfare organizations by sending relevant materials to the sites in question. These materials allow optimal adjustment of their office environments to enhance productivity and safety, which will expand the scope of the AURORA Group's charity services.

Education and Culture

The complimentary AURORA Monthly Magazine has been established by AURORA Group in the hopes of sharing knowledge and culture through its circulation to promote the habit of reading. The magazine has been in publication for more than 40 years without a hitch. In addition, AURORA Group has been the sponsor of impoverished students with outstanding academic performance at "Class Pearl" established by Xin Hua Education Foundation to complete their senior high school education starting from 2009. In 2010, AURORA Group has worked together with the Taiwan Fund for Children and Families, and Youth CARE Foundation to jointly host the "Care & Love" event, which offered an opportunity for disadvantaged & orphaned children in Taiwan to visit the Shanghai World Expo. In addition, AURORA Group also actively sponsored the cross-strait youth cultural exchange camp and organized events such as "Hand in Hand at the Expo" (2010) and "A Dream for the Children" (2011) to facilitate cross-strait cultural exchange.

Emergency Relief

AURORA Group has always been at the forefront to deliver relief and aid whenever an unexpected disaster struck (such as the September 21 earthquake in 2000; the May 12 earthquake in 2008 and Typhoon Morakot in 2009). AURORA Group makes it a point to commit as a charitable organization and help rebuild homes devastated by disasters.


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