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The collections at the Aurora Museum are centered around ancient Chinese cultural relics, comprising several thousand items that include jade objects, Buddhist sculptures, ceramics, porcelains, and illustrated stones complemented with precious study pieces, stone rubbings, photographs of excavated relics and so forth. At the same time, the library on the 5th floor of the Aurora Museum houses a rich collection of cultural heritage literature along with a substantial amount of publications in English and Japanese. These materials are available to professional scholar by reservation.


With regards to research, the museum is an advocate of the study of antiquities with a focus on the analysis of medium (liao); the workmanship (gong); the form (xing); and the decorative motifs (wen) and has appointed a team of professional researchers to work with the Beijing University Aurora Ancient Civilization Research Center. The collaboration aims to blend antiquarianism with a number of academic disciplines on the museum-academic platform, and eventually achieve the goal of restoring ancient relics as cultural and material evidence of history


The primary exhibition at the Aurora Museum is centered on blue and white porcelains, ancient jades and Buddhist sculptures. In addition to displays arranged by time period, the museum has also set up special areas that provide supplementary analyses and displays for the aforementioned items from the perspective of medium (liao); the workmanship (gong); the form (xing); and the decorative motifs (wen). The museum also works to organize various special exhibitions which meet visitors' diverse demands.


In terms of educational promotion, the Aurora Museum also publishes its latest research findings in the format of theses and periodicals, other than that, on some specific topics presented in the special display room at the museum. In order to achieve the goal of "touch" educational project which allows visitors to appreciate related items as closely as possible, the museum has also provided a viewing room as an ideal location for field trips so teachers and researchers can engage their students in learning.



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